More Film Set Stills – The Discussion

Set Photos

The Discussion is an abstract piece set in a kind of dream space, black space interrupted by pools of light.

This time I’m lightning and editing, and I barely had any time on set to snap photos. We set up in a day, shot in a second and were cleared away by the third.

The challenge here was that the entire film is intended as a single shot (though we knew of course this would likely require a little fakery), from a first person perspective. Four mysterious characters, the elitist, the activist and the zen meet in a kind of dream space to treat with one another.

The lighting was quite abstract, more like stage lighting than film, and we in fact used three large stage spotlights (kindly supplied by Filmscape in Bristol), and then an absolute ton of dedos as fill. The attempt was to keep the surroundings as black as possible, while being able to move anywhere through the space and keep shooting. It wasn’t easy. I was operating a lightning cue, so even less time for photos.