Which came first?

Fiction, I don't even know, One Off

Preface: So, this was based on a quick writing prompt (should be fairly easy to guess), and written rather early in the morning, so apologies for spelling mistakes and odd sentences. You should be able to see what I’m trying to do here though, but I think it could rather have been done better! Anyway, hope you enjoy 🙂 – Ben

A gunshot, loud and harsh, cutting through the mist. Zygote sprang forwards, pumping his legs and gathering speed. If anything, that was a cue to run. There was a track ahead, he knew, and he could take that for the next few miles before he hit the road and could loop back towards the farmhouse. Then it was just through the river and he’d be home and dry. Well, he’d be soaked, but that was a small price to pay.