Trenchcoat Sam: The Rangehunter Chronicles – Chapter Seven

Fiction, Trenchcoat Sam

In which darkness falls; Sam falls over; nobody likes Bob and doors present more of an obstacle than normal.

Level Six, Administration Wing

“Hey, Sam, you get lost again?”

“Some of us have lived here for less than a month, Fen. Couldn’t someone at least spruce this place up a bit? It’s so grey! The corridors all look the same,” Samuel complained as he stumbled at last into the rooms Aerfen shared with her Uncle. She looked so smug sitting in one of the big comfy chairs furnishing the living room, and he had to laugh as she put her feet up on the coffee table and yawned.

“I could have died waiting. Aren’t you supposed to be fast after all that exercise?” She continued to tease him while pretending to inspect her nails for dirt, “You spend so much time in that gym, and yet then you just go and stuff yourself every night. No wonder you’re always late.”

Trenchcoat Sam: The Rangehunter Chronicles – Chapter Six

Fiction, Trenchcoat Sam

In which secret experiments are revealed; we meet a man with a mohican; cars are dangerous and Samuel makes a friend.

“And this is the main kitchen and canteen. Most personal come here for their three daily meals. We cater for most tastes, so don’t ever worry about eating here; you won’t have any problems.”

The tour had been going on for an hour already and so far Samuel had not seen anything particularly interesting. There were all the facilities one might expect in a complex that employed a large number of staff, if on a larger scale than most. Real estate was apparently not hard to come by underground.